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Bibi by Daughter-Of-Wolves Bibi by Daughter-Of-Wolves
Name: Bibi

Name Meaning: Alive(Latin,) Lady of The House(Persian), Great Woman(Swahili)

Nicknames: Mother Tailless, Nana Bibi, Tailless

Gender: Female

Species: Lion

Age: Adult (6 years)

Sexual Orientation: straight

Physical Description: Dark gold lioness. She has a feminine yet strong build. (think Sarabi build) She has a face that makes you feel safe, but that she could strike at any moment. She has eye rims lighter in color than her pelt, and has radial heterocromia. Her identifying feature, that most lions can’t get over is her short stub where her tail should be.

Personality: Bibi was born to be a mother. Wether it is cubs of her own, or cubsitting, or just meeting someone younger than her, she has earned the nicknames Mother Tailless, and Nana Bibi completely. She is uneasy around males, having had most of her cubs killed by males. She is a fighter, if a youth or innocent, or weaker lion is threatened by another, she will always intervene.

Pride: Pridelands

Character History: Bibi was born in a small pride, her mother and aunt always on the move to protect them from dangerous males. The years passed and Bibi herself had and lost litters to the constant change of males in power. One litter she sees live to form a small pride. In her constant losing battle to protect her cubs, she loses her tail to a hyena. She one day meets a male, Dreadlocks, who isn’t disgusted by her lack of a tail. He loves her for her motherly nature, healing touch, fighting heart, and caring spirit. She becomes his mate and eventually follows him to the Pride Lands. She doesn’t care for the ruthlessness often shown by her mate’s Mapogo coalition brothers, but she loves him, and stands with him through everything. Mourning when he mourns, rejoicing when he rejoices. She can hardly contain her excitement when she learns she is expecting his cubs, and decides to keep it secret until she starts to show.
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BB and Dreadlocks so CUTE COUPLE!!!!!!!!
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