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In the RP UnitedPrides my lioness Bibi gave birth to her cubs....two days late.

The tailless lioness stretched in the den, her mate and his coalition brothers pressed close around her. She worked around them dispite her swollen middle. She felt horrible, she was now two days past due. She had been so excited to arrive and realize she was expecting. She shook off the worry. Her cubs would come when they were ready, but she wouldn't let her pregnancy stop her from her life, she hadn't with her past cubs, and these would be no differant. She slowly stalked a herd of hartebeest. The lioness rushed the herd, her swollen womb making running difficult. She was among the rear of the herd when she fell to the ground in pain. It felt as though she was being mauled from within. Hooves thundered around her as the panicked herd continued on, away from the ailing lioness. She roared in frustration and pain as she struggled to her feet. Trying to find somewhere less exposed to bring her cubs into the world. The pain worsened as she lay panting against a stone wall of sorts between the border with the Pridelands and the dens. She gritted her teeth as she felt waves of pain wrack her body. Bibi grunted as she felt her body trying to push. She bore down, the pain doubling as the cub didn't seem to move far.

Veeta was wandering around the lands alone. She didn't really talk since around a week,since her grandfather's death. She was close to the pridelands when she scented someone and heard someone grunting. She looked around and walked faster. She stopped a little when she saw a lioness,she didn't knew her but it was no wonder,she knew almost noone. She shrugged a little and walked closer to the lioness " Can I help you,ma'am?"she asked silent

Bibi looked up at the lioness. "They won't come....I need this." She drew out a rough sketch in the dirt of the plant she needed. "Do you know how to assist a birth?"

They? Who...oh,I see" she looked at the sketch she made and tilted her head " Well, not really,no"she shook her head " B-But I can go to get herbs like that,I think I saw them on my way" she smiled a little "How much you need?"

Bibi panted. "enough to cover your paw." She screamed in pain. "Hurry!" She pushed again, feeling the cub slowly pushing toward the way out. She knew from her size there was probably a full litter, which meant she was in for hell.

M-my paw?"she murmured as she ran off for the herbs. She had a lot of time to explore the lands and for now she knew where to find specific plants,though she didn't know for what they were good but she knew where they could be found.Once she got the herbs she ran back to Bibi "Now what?"

Bibi groaned as she crewed the plants. "They help make the birth easier." She groaned as she pushed again. " you see anything?" She gestured with a paw to her lower regions. She prayed the first cub was close to coming out.

Y-yes" she said with a little smile as she saw that a cub is about to come out. " Yes,I saw him...or her" she nodded and looked at her " You are doing good...I think" she said smiling

Bibi whispered. "Spirits above it's abut time!" She pushed again, feeling the cub starting to come out. She rolled onto her back and curled around her stomach, her whole body pushing to ease the large cub into the world.

Veeta sat down next to Bibi. She looked at her smiling,she was kinda happy that she could be there. A new life is about to start and she could be around. When she was younger she thought it will be her mother who will need her help but maybe this was better,helping a complete stranger can only be good.

Bibi groaned as she felt the cub finally leave her body. She could feel the other getting ready to be pushed out. She looked, eager to see her new child.

The young female got up and placed the new born cub to Bibi's paws smiling. "Another one is coming?" she asked

Bibi pulled the cub close, nodding. "This...he's a boy. Agustus. My little Augustus." She cleaned her son, placing him by her bellly to nurse. She could feel the herbs finally taking effect. She started to push. Her sides heaved as she panted. She watched the lioness suddenly leave. She was alone again, bringing her children into the world.
Soon the cub was free, large, like the first. She smiled seeing it was another boy. "Alexandros." She whispered his name. "No. Megos Alexandros. The Greatest of Alexanders." She smiled as she cleaned her cubs. When her strength returned she made the slow trek back to the den. Curling up beside her mate, and his brothers, her twin sons wrapped close in her arms as she fell asleep.

Agustus (c) :iconShariTheLioness:

Alexandros (c) :iconwellhung6feet:

Veeta (c) :iconHexenbeest:

Bibi (c) :icondaughter-of-wolves:

Dreadlocks (c) :iconkingmohatu:


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I am a published poet, calligraphy artist, fantasy writer, and sketch artist...while dabbling in wood swords on the side.

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All this is more impressive when you take into account that I have Asperger's Syndrome, a high functioning form of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

I am a college student in North East Florida, I am studying to get my BS in Vet Med.

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